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What is the challenge of the online world for the church? What does the sudden rise of gender identities mean? Why are we as Christians vulnerable to conspiracy theories? How does the church think about leadership and where are its limits? (more in Czech)
We published a book by Marek Macák: Minority Sexuality in the Pastoral Care of Believers
The purpose of the book is to bring the reader into the reality of the lives of belivers who identify as a sexual minority (more in Czech)

We are a prayerful and missional movement with a clear biblical orientation. We foster relationships, create opportunities for mutual prayer, and inspire cooperation in God’s Kingdom.

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The Alliance is a platform for engagement, innovation and sharing of resources that God has given to the Czech Church.

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We believe that we must seek new answers and forms to work on church planting and revitalization.

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We have been communicating the Christian perspective in public space and politics for more than 30 years.

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